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 Our Massage Services

Lymphatic Massage

Signature massage 

Signature massage is our specialty massage and most recommended service. Combines the therapies of lymphatic massage , deep massage and sweedish massage for customized therapy session. Therapeutic pressure can be strong or very deep or light based on the needs of each area of body 

$140- 60 min

$180-90 min

Facial manual lymph drainage massage

Lymphatic massage is all about moving the lymph, as clean fluids that sits in tissue through the body. By moving lymph and fluid out of facial tissue , our specialized massage technique can help swelling to dissipate much more quickly

$140-60 min

$180-90 min

Fibrosis massage 

Some patients will experience lumpiness is caused by imflamation and trauma from surgical instruments that used under the skin to extract the fatty tissue . This massage will help brake the adhesion with special techniques that reestablishes the blood supply to the effected area, improve the appearance of the skin and decrease the level of pain

$140-60 min

$180-90 min

Post op manual lymphatic drainage 

Treatments are recomended post-op,which can be start 24 hours after surgery. Trauma (surgery ) can depress the function of the lymphatic system. As such , MLD issued to stimulate temporary rerouting of lymph to functional vessels and nodes to reduce swelling. The work archives a wide variety of benefits, but the most significant in post op situation is the reduction of pain, bruising and edema

$140-60 min

$180-90 min

Manual lymp drainage ( non surgical)

Stimulating lymphatic system through manual lymphatic drainage will activate all the lymp nodes ,vessels and organs , as well as encourage fluid circulation and cell regeneration. All this work together to promote detoxification, facilitate healing and support the immune system 

$140-60 min

$180-90 min

Prenatal manual lymphatic drainage massage

If you’re suffering from tired feet or water retention, manual lymphatic massage drainage can be helpful during pregnancy. This gentle form of massage encourages the flow and release of fluid held in the body’s tissues . This is why many women find lymphatic massage very beneficial, especially in the later stages of pregnancy usually in third trimester 

$140-60 min

$180-90 min


Emergency in house calls may be available for those ,who not able to drive to treatment. Extra mileage fee will apply.

For the best benefits, please drink plenty of water before and after a session !!      

 We accept cash , Zelle , cash app, Apple Pay , Venmo app.

$50 deposit required when making first appointment.

No credit cards accepted . 

$50 extra in house calls for post surgery patients - Lymphatic drainage massages only! Surrounding areas of Aurora,Illinois 

Gift Card

We accept Cash and personal checks.

We do not accept personal checks for the first time clients!

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